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Hey friends! First off, thank you SO much for the support and positive feedback on my last post. It is really comforting to hear that none of us are alone in our struggles and also shows that being authentic and vulnerable makes you relatable. To be honest, I was scared to publish that, but I have noticed in the past that when I am afraid of something, I should probably do it. Usually the most rewarding things come from pushing past a fear. Obviously publishing a blog post is not some super scary change in my life or anything, but I realize now the posts I have done that have gotten the most feedback/support/love have been the ones I almost deleted. Weird how that happens, huh?

Anyways, you all rock and this is why I started blogging again. To not only write for my own benefit as a form of therapy, but also to show others that what they are going through is okay and they aren’t alone. It sounds cliche, but if I can help one person sharing my own experiences, opening myself up like this for the world to see in a public place will be worth it. It’s not always easy because a lot of people in my “actual life” know about my blog now so they can read about basically my darkest secrets (which are not secrets at all anymore lol). The funny thing is, I have had so many friends from my past reach out to me since I started blogging again to let me know how happy and proud of me they are. Many have also said they have struggled/are struggling with similar things, which I would have never guessed. Basically moral of the story: be open, be real, don’t be ashamed of your story, and remember that everything you have been through happened for a reason. I think part of the reason I had an eating disorder was because I am meant to help others with their struggles.

I am at a place with this blog where I am really confident in the direction it is going and I have a big vision of it. When I started blogging (round 2, RIP Running on Pumpkin) I actually had an intention behind it. Sure, I wanted to be part of the  blogging world again because it’s fun and I have made so many awesome friendships through it. But, I also was at a point in my life and my recovery where I realized I wanted to use my past. I would literally wake up in the middle of the night thinking: I need to do something with this. I wanted to blog about my daily life, sure. What I ate for lunch that day, who I hung out with that night, that amazing vacation I took. But I also really wanted to write about the things I have learned so much about. The things that I talk about once a week and have a purpose behind them. The posts I LOVE writing are the ones about my journey, self love, body image, recovery, confidence, etc. I am seeing more and more that those posts are where the heart of this little blog is.

Another thing that was in the back of my mind when I started blogging was creating a platform to reach girls who needed someone on their side. When I was in recovery and had a whole lot of mental shit going on, I worked with a coach who changed my life. Sure, I have had doctors and therapists, who are necessary as well. But my coach had been through what I went through and she offered a different kind of support. It didn’t replace medical advice, but she became my friend, my mentor, my cheerleader, and who I shared my hardships and triumphs with. I knew, after that experience and when I started my blog, that I wanted to become a coach too. I wanted to do what my coach did for me and be that person to other women out there.

Some of you reading already know this (if we have become good friends or you have reached out to me for help via email), but I have already started coaching. I was getting tons of emails per week asking for help with various aspects of recovery/life in general. When I got to that point of blogging, I decided I was ready to start what I always wanted to do. I don’t have a page up or anything on my blog yet to describe my services, but I had been working on how it would go through talking with other coaches and from my own experience with a coach. I now have clients and it is already more rewarding than I could have imagined. I feel just as blessed and grateful to be in my clients lives as they do for me, and I see how much my heart is in this path. It’s different than any other job I have had because I live and breath for this stuff. I have so much passion for not just eating disorder recovery and body image, but just for helping people be their best and happiest self in general. I always knew I wanted to serve others in some way or another, and this is where it’s at.


The funny thing is, I already feel really confident in my coaching. It’s almost like it just clicked the first session I had with a client. I think it’s because I have been a “coach” my whole life. With friends, with family, with strangers. It just feels right to me and I genuinely love doing it. I have started working with a branding/web designer, who also happens to be my friend and is one of the coolest girls out there (shoutout to Jenny). She is helping me do big things with my blog and my brand and I could not be more excited about it. I don’t talk to many people about this because it’s still in such the beginning stages, but I have really high hopes for it and I am just plain old excited.

Just to be clear: I am not and do not want to replace any nutritionist, therapist, or other doctor. I also do not JUST work with women who have recovered, are in recovery from an eating disorder. I want to be a coach for anything and everything when it comes to being overall happy and healthy. Many of the sessions I have had so far have nothing to do with food. This is because food isn’t even the actual issue when it comes to being obsessed with it.

I plan to continue blogging how I have been for a while. My blog look won’t change for a little while longer and I will keep posting random life stuff as well as heavier posts with more purpose. Eventually, my blog will turn into more of a website (still with my blog on it!) and it will be a little less all over the place and a little more in line with what I deeply care about and my message. I wanted to tell everyone now because I love all of you who read/comment/email/who I have gotten to know on the side and I want to always keep you in the loop. I am so excited for where this can go.

I love writing, I love connecting with all of you, I LOVE coaching, and I just love this community of people trying to make a difference and lift each other up. Thank you all again for the constant support. I am grateful for each and every one of you. <3



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