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Hey there Friday. I am extra excited for this weekend but I also had a pretty solid week. Let’s jump right into some of my favorite things from the week! Thanks for hosting the linkup Heather!

1) I already told you guys this like 10 times but I will one more time because today I leave for Tahoe for the weekend! If you have been reading my blog for longer than like a week, you know that I go to Tahoe frequently and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. My family has a cabin on the lake and it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from here so it’s a quick weekend getaway.


Danny and I are driving up tonight after work so we don’t get in til late, but Saturday and Sunday should be great. My sister, her boyfriend, my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins are all up there staying in a couple cabins. Our best family friends (that consist of 4 kids and their significant others) are also up there for the weekend so we will have a huge group to do activities with. Saturday we will probably go hiking, hang on the beach, go boating, and then out to dinner at a yummy restaurant with a group of us. Sunday we are doing a boat picnic for lunch. It should be so much fun and I will definitely tell you guys about it next week! Follow me on Instagram if you don’t already because I am sure I will be posting from time to time over the weekend.


I love boating but not so much skiing or wakeboarding. I prefer sitting in the boat or tubing 🙂

2) Last weekend when I went into the city for girls night, my sister had a surprise waiting for me at her apartment before we went out.


She officially asked me to be her maid of honor!!! YAY. It was a such a cute basket and I can’t wait for all of the festivities and to stand by her on her special day. <3 you Britt.

3) I finished a book last week, so this week I have been reading Paper Towns. I really want to see the movie that just came out in theaters, so I figured I should read the book first. I don’t think I would like reading a book after seeing the movie, but vice versa is fine. Anyone else feel the same way? Has anyone read it? I like it so far!

4) Speaking of books, one of my good friends started a book club and I am super excited about it. I have always wanted to join a book club but thought that any I would find would be older ladies and in past years I felt too dorky starting my own (which is sad…WHO CARES). Well my friend emailed her best friends and said she was going to host a book club meeting at her house once a month in the city with wine, food, and book discussion (duh). Does this make me a real adult?

5) I’ve fully gotten Danny on board the Ben & Jerry’s train. He has even bought it the past couple times (when I used to always buy it and then he would end up eating some). The last pint he bought was Half Baked and he had never had it before. I am such a good influence 😉


6) I did a bodyweight circuit workout earlier this week (I haven’t done anything like that in maybe a  year) and I am STILL SORE. Every morning since when I get out of bed I yelp because my muscles hurt so bad. I don’t get how people like this feeling. Will stick to my walks from now on. (Also, I only worked out for 15 minutes…so it’s definitely not what I expected lol)


But actually.

7) Working on my new blog/website!!! I can’t wait to show you guys when it’s finished. Won’t be for a while but it’s in the works 🙂

hayley (100 of 135)

This one cracks me up.

8) I kind of want to do a Q&A video at some point. I get a lot of questions via email but I haven’t been keeping track of them all in one place. Would anyone be interested in that? If so…ask me a question in the comments that you wanna know! Or email me 🙂 I guess I could compile them from my emails but I would like to answer questions that aren’t JUST about recovery (though those are fine too!). Just about anything and everything.

Talk to you when I am back from Tahoe! Have a great weekend!



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